Canned Salmon Recipes

canned red salmonCanned salmon is readily available, inexpensive and good for you - did you know that unlike canned tuna, salmon has a very high Omega 3 content?

Environmentally friendly with low contamination levels, most of the salmon used for canning comes from Alaska.

The varieties most widely used are the wild sockeye(red) and the less expensive pink salmon.

They are both processed with their bones in, and because the canning process makes the bones soft and edible this provides a useful source of calcium.

The recipes below show just how versatile a can of salmon can be, from summer salmon recipes to easy baked salmon recipes, they can all be made with the minimum of time and effort.

Canned Salmon Recipes

Pink Salmon Mousse
Canned Salmon Roulade
Grandmas Salmon Loaf
Tasty Salmon Loaf
Salmon Croquettes
Salmon & Spinach Pasta
Salmon Corn Chowder
Salmon Crockpot Recipe
Canned Salmon Souffle
Salmon & Broccoli Pasta
Easy Salmon Croquettes
Basic Canned Salmon Recipe
South Georgia Salmon Patties
Canned Salmon Patties
Easy Salmon Wraps
Canned Salmon Pasties
Panko Salmon Patties
Salmon Pasta With Beans

Salmon Resources

USA and Canada

Vital Choice - for the finest Alaskan smoked sockeye salmon available - retailer of all things Kosher. Fantastic Lox, Gravlax and Nova salmon.

Gourmet Food Store - for a wide range of delicious Norweigan and Scottish smoked salmon and accompaniments.

United Kingdom

Martins Sea Fresh - For the freshest fish direct from Cornwall to your door. - Selling fresh Fish, Lobsters and other seafood direct from Cornish boats to your door by overnight delivery.

Natoora - sells a wide range of salmon including Organic, Wild and Smoked.

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